New Kia Brand Launch: What Kia Fleet Customers Can Expect

The new Kia brand launch means big things are on the way!

Recently, Kia reviewed its brand, products and services and began a journey to rebrand itself. To discover their new direction, brand representatives spoke with employees and consumers. They asked these stakeholders about their experience with and perceptions of the brand. Based on this feedback, the company has developed a new look and feel for its brand, as well as a new mission - all designed to inspire movement and innovation.

For Canadian Kia Fleet customers, this means several exciting and inspirational changes are coming.

Ready to see what Kia Fleet has in-store for the future? Here’s what you can expect from the new Kia brand.

New Kia Logo

The new Kia logo showing upward rising form

As part of its rebranding journey, the company has introduced a new logo. The new Kia logo exhibits beautiful symmetry and bold, rising lines. This design inspires movement and innovation and shines a positive outlook on the future.

New KIA logo unveiling in Korea

The new Kia logo was officially revealed in Korea on January 6, 2021.

In addition to changing its logo, the company has also changed its corporate name. Kia Motors Corporation is now known simply as - Kia. This significant change demonstrates the total transformation that the company has planned for its brand and objectives.

New Brand Purpose, Philosophy and Mission

Beginning as a bicycle parts manufacturer in 1944, Kia has always focused on helping people move. Thus, amidst changes to Kia’s purpose, philosophy and mission, one thing remains constant - the company will continue to honour its commitment to movement and innovation. 

At Kia, movement is the source of human innovation and progress. Therefore, by embodying this concept, the brand hopes to inspire consumers to learn, grow and discover.

In addition to providing individuals and businesses with efficient means of movement, the new brand will strive to improve the daily lives of customers. Kia’s customer-centric vision means that new designs, products, services, and technology are entirely focused on meeting the needs of consumers. 

For Kia Fleet customers, this provides access to reliable and innovative new vehicles that are tailored specifically to their needs.

Purchase and Ownership Journey

Fleet customers can also expect a re-imagined purchase and ownership journey. 

Kia’s goal is to create a seamless experience for all consumers who interact with the brand. As a result, Kia's fleet purchase and ownership journey offer simplicity and reliability.

In addition to new and innovative fleet vehicles, fleet customers can expect flawless fleet acquisition and a positive ownership experience. To ensure a seamless experience, the fleet purchase process is hassle-free. The company offers simple eligibility requirements and quick fleet delivery. These improvements are intended to inspire growth by keeping businesses on the move.

Most importantly, Kia’s fleet vehicles increase reliability and safety while reducing the cost of ownership.

New Kia EV Lineup

Movement inspires innovation. By creating sustainable mobility options, Kia hopes to empower others to move, create and innovate. 

To succeed in bringing its new vision to life, the company will focus on developing clean, environmentally-friendly vehicles. Moving forward, the company aims to take a leading position in the global EV market. To do so, it will introduce seven new and efficient electric vehicles by 2027. 

These EVs will be innovative and exciting for consumers. Kia's electric vehicles will include crossovers, commuters, SUVs, and sedans. To further promote environmental sustainability, the brand will use green manufacturing practices, including clean energy and recyclable materials.

For Kia fleet customers, this new focus is exciting. These EVs will provide fleet consumers with many new options for effective, efficient and tech-forward fleet vehicles.

New Purpose Built Vehicles

The company will also focus on developing new products that meet the needs of its diverse consumers around the globe. Kia’s new purpose-built vehicles will include options for both business and private use. 

These innovative vehicles will include micro-autonomous pods, small individual urban transporters, mid-sized commuters, as well as large logistic vehicles. 

The all-new Sorento (pictured above), for instance, includes advanced technology and a captivating new design. This Kia Fleet vehicle offers a single option for various uses, allowing for flexible and multipurpose fleets.

Growth and innovation are necessary for a sustainable future. Kia aims to continuously grow and improve with this expanse of innovative options while promoting movement for all.

Ready for the New Kia Brand?

Kia’s new initiatives will help fleet owners minimize the total cost of ownership while maximizing business growth. The company's innovative new vehicles, state-of-the-art technology, simplified purchasing process and worry-free ownership will offer Canadian Kia Fleet customers incredible value, reliability and the inspiration to innovate.

The new and exciting Kia brand has already arrived in Canada! The official Canadian Kia brand launch occurred on June 1, 2021.

If your business is ready to take advantage of Kia’s new vision and value-added efficiencies, start by applying for a Kia Fleet Account Number (FAN) today!

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