Minivan for Cargo Reimagined: Why the Kia Carnival is the Perfect Fleet Vehicle

Benefits of a Fleet Minivan for Cargo

Looking for a safe, efficient, and reliable fleet vehicle? A cargo minivan offers benefits for fleets in various industries. These numerous advantages make cargo minivans some of the best vehicles for fleets.

If you’re looking for extreme reliability, minimum cost of ownership, and the latest safety features, the all-new Kia Carnival has just arrived - and it’s the perfect addition to any fleet. The Carnival is a Life Utility Vehicle (LUV), making it a great option to act as a cargo minivan.

Why are cargo minivans such a good option?

Our fleet experts explain.

As mentioned, there are many benefits to using cargo minivans in your fleet, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Here are the top three reasons fleet managers choose this type of vehicle.

1. Fuel-Efficiency

Fuel accounts for a large portion of any fleet’s day-to-day operating expenses (unless you have an EV fleet). Therefore, reducing the amount of fuel that your fleet uses can greatly reduce fleet total cost of ownership.

Cargo minivans offer attractive fuel efficiency. Especially when compared to vehicles like large sedans and trucks. As a result, if your company requires vehicles with lots of cargo space and additional seating, a small cargo van is a perfect choice.

2. Extra Cargo Space

Cargo minivans also provide an exceptional amount of space for tools, supplies, and passengers. 

For example, the new Kia Carnival (which can act as a cargo minivan) maximizes useful interior space. As a result, cargo can be transported with ease. As well, the new Carnival offers seating for up to eight people, with flexible seating arrangements.

3. Comfortability

Many commercial vehicles are uncomfortable to drive. But why shouldn’t a vehicle be both functional and comfortable?

With a cargo minivan, you get both utility and comfort. For instance, the Kia Carnival implements elements of an SUV, making for a more comfortable driving experience that far exceeds traditional standards.

Now, you may be wondering - what’s the best fleet cargo minivan out there?

The Innovative New Kia Carnival

When searching for the perfect addition to your fleet, look no further than the new Kia Carnival.

Kia’s newest fleet vehicle offers features and functionality reminiscent of a cargo minivan that will benefit any business.

This multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) provides plenty of space for cargo and passengers. What’s more, its high-tech features and thoughtful seating configurations make it safe, comfortable, and practical.

In fact, Roadshow calls the Carnival MPV both “functional and stylish” and has added the vehicle to its long-term test fleet.

Here’s why the smart, 4th generation Kia Carnival is a top choice for fleets.

Advanced Safety and Security Features

Kia Carnival on the road

Kia is committed to helping businesses achieve sustainable movement, with the health and safety of drivers and passengers at the forefront of their innovation. As a result, the Kia Carnival introduces an extensive list of safety and security features. These innovations are designed to keep passengers safe and to prevent unnecessary vehicle damage - both on and off the road. 

These features can help fleet owners and managers protect their employees and customers. As well, accident-related costs and subsequent insurance premium hikes can be avoided.

For example, the following advanced safety and security features are offered by the all-new Kia Carnival:

Standard Features

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCAA)

This feature monitors the vehicle ahead and alerts the driver to any possible collision. If a risk is detected, the vehicle’s braking system will automatically activate.

Lane Following Assist (LFA)

LFA technology uses lane markings to provide input that will assist the driver in keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane.

Available Features

Safe Exit Assist

This innovation helps to keep passengers and drivers safe. Safe exit assist will warn anyone exiting the vehicle of approaching traffic.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

This safety feature alerts drivers to potential cross traffic hazards, when in reverse. If a hazard is present, RCCA will warn the driver and apply the braking system if necessary.

Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCAA)

This feature alerts drivers to objects in their blind spot, helping to prevent collisions.

Blind View Monitoring

The Kia Carnival also allows drivers to view their blind spot directly through the digital instrument cluster. The blind view monitor projects a live display of adjacent lanes when the turn signal is activated.

As a result, these features will help reduce the number of accidents your fleet vehicles are involved in.

The Latest Tech

Technology can help fleet managers maximize productivity and reduce fleet costs. As well, new technology offers a more convenient and enjoyable driving experience. 

The revolutionary Kia Carnival offers the following available features:

  • Wireless charging tray
  • USB ports throughout
  • Bluetooth multi-connection function - this function allows up to two devices to be connected to Bluetooth simultaneously. By using the infotainment center, a passenger can easily switch between the two devices. This provides added convenience when multiple people are in the vehicle.
  • Rear Voice Recognition - for organizations that expect to have multiple people in a vehicle, this feature allows rear passengers to control audio settings and to set the navigation system.
  • UVO IntelligenceTM - UVO technology allows fleet managers to track and monitor various stats to assist with vehicle management. This includes vehicle diagnostics, and the ability to locate a vehicle. UVO IntelligenceTM also provides drivers with convenience and safety tools like remote start/stop/lock/unlock, and SOS and roadside assistance options.

Maximum Space Utilization and Versatility

The new Kia Carnival offers plenty of space for cargo, as well as passengers. The Carnival’s new design makes it the perfect multi-purpose vehicle. The improved functionality and versatility of the Kia Carnival is intended to empower businesses to grow and succeed.

This LUV is a great option to act as a cargo minivan and can seat up to eight passengers in its spacious interior. 

To allow for better communication within the vehicle, Kia has also introduced speakers and microphones in the front and rear sections. The Carnival’s passenger talk function allows for clear conversations between the front and rear passengers. In fact, the Kia Carnival is so well designed for communication between passengers that a business meeting could be held in the back!

Utilize all three rows of seats and still have 1,139 L of cargo space! Or fold down all the rows for maximum capacity (4,110 L).

Lower Cost of Ownership

Kia Fleet vehicles also assist fleet managers in reducing total cost of ownership. How? Through leading fuel economy, lower insurance premiums, longer maintenance intervals, and ultimate reliability. 

The purpose-built Kia Carnival offers these advantages for minimal day-to-day and acquisition costs.


As with all Kia Fleet vehicles, the Carnival is extremely reliable. With longer maintenance intervals and advanced tech to monitor vehicle health, your Carnival fleet will experience minimal downtime for maximum productivity.

Added Convenience for Maximum Productivity

The Kia Carnival offers various features designed for convenience. These features include:

Standard Features

  • Keyless entry - the touch-sensitive outside door handle is activated when the driver approaches the vehicle with a smart key. Therefore, the driver can use the handle to both lock and unlock the door, without the need to locate and use their physical key.

Available Features

  • Power sliding doors
  • Smart power liftgate
  • Remote start with climate control
  • Remote vehicle status check - for instance, drivers can check whether vehicle windows are open or closed, fuel percentage, and more using their smartphone.

These features will support your fleet drivers and customers in saving valuable time and maximizing productivity.

Enhanced Comfortability

As mentioned above, comfort is not always a top priority when it comes to commercial vehicles. However, the Kia Carnival pairs functionality with superior comfortability.

A comfortable vehicle will not only create happier and healthier drivers and customers, but also more productive employees.

The following available features provide the Carnival with enhanced comfortability:

  • Dedicated rear-seat climate control
  • Available second row powered VIP Lounge Seating

Top 5 Industries That Will Benefit from the Kia Carnival

There are five industries that can greatly benefit from the Kia Carnival. By introducing this vehicle to their fleet, companies in these industries will benefit from all the advantages of a reliable Life Utility Vehicle.

  1. Food Industry
  2. Telecommunication
  3. Transportation / Courier
  4. Pharma
  5. Technicians (Electric/heating, etc.)

Add the Carnival to Your Fleet

The innovation, convenience and functionality of the multi-purpose Carnival will inspire motivation and empower drivers to go further.

Want to know more about the Kia Carnival, how it can act as a cargo minivan, and how it can benefit your fleet? 

Our fleet experts are here to help. Give us a call to learn more about our exclusive fleet discounts and how to become a Kia Fleet partner.

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