Fleet Account Number

What is a Kia Fleet Account Number?

You will need one to do business with our fleet specialist team. Here is what it does for your business.
Exclusive Fleet Account Discounts
Get better discounts on the entire line-up of Kia vehicles. Exclusive offers on last year's models when available too. 
Tailored Service Programs
On top of our incredible, award-winning reliability and long warranties, we can also provide scheduled maintenance programs for your fleet saving you on day-to-day operating costs.
Priority Access to Vehicles
Whether you’re a small business running a few cars or a enterprise/government organization with a large fleet, Kia is committed to meeting your vehicle needs on demand.
Dedicated Fleet Team
Call, text, email or drop into the office. We're here to help you out on your terms. Our fleet team are experts in optimizing your fleet's total cost of ownership.
** Kia received the fewest reported problems among mass market brands in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study based on 2018 models, and 2020 Initial Quality Study. See jdpower.com/awards for 2021 details.

Kia FAN eligibility.

At Kia Fleet we offer fleet discounts based on volume. But even business' with small fleet needs can benefit from Kia's fleet solutions. See where your business fits below.
Commercial (Business) Fleets
Is defined as any business entity (Daily rental, lease or commercial) that has five (5) or more registered* vehicles licensed and currently retained in company service, or that purchases or leases three (3) or more new Kia vehicles at one time for commercial purposes.
Independent Daily Rental Companies
Companies that own, and/or operate five (5) or more vehicles* and purchase vehicles for the purpose of short term daily rental service. Vehicles must remain in service in the 1) company name for a minimum of 4 months OR 8,000 kms.
Government Agencies & Public Utilities
No minimum fleet size is required. Federal, Provincial & Municipal levels of government and their agencies are eligible.
*Upload of Registration
All Commercial Companies & Independant Daily Rental Companies are required to provide 5 copies of registration to be eligible for a NEW FAN number with KIA Fleet.

Submit Kia FAN application.

Fill out each section of the application form to the best of your knowledge. Our team will review your application for eligibility within 2 business days. 
FAN Application Form

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